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Car and Bike Pooling - Field Trip

We're like matchmakers - for commuters.

If you're tired of the expense and aggravation of commuting alone, let West Michigan Rideshare help you connect with others who may be thinking the same thing. West Michigan Rideshare can match you up with other people in your area or your company who want to car or bike pool (That's right, bike pooling, too. If you'd prefer a non-motorized trip, simply choose 'Biking' in the drop down menu on your commute profile). That includes finding park-and-ride lots throughout West Michigan. And if you have a larger group, you may even qualify for a great deal on a shared van.

By answering a few basic travel questions, you’ll instantly get a list of possible matches not far from your home and work. You choose who you want to rideshare with. Best of all, it’s free.

Curious how much you can save if you're not shouldering the cost of the drive to work alone? Use our Cost-to-Drive calculator to find out how much ridesharing can actually save you.