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Vanpooling Hero


Share the Ride - in a RapidVan.

RapidVan Vanpooling offers a shared ride to work for groups of at least four people with similar commuting patterns. The Rapid provides a vehicle, maintenance, insurance, 24-hour emergency roadside service, carwashes, and fuel. All costs of driving the van are included in the price. The more passengers enrolled in a vanpool, the lower the cost per person. The Rapid can add vanpoolers to any existing vanpool as needed to keep costs low for all individuals.

Commutes less than 60 miles each way cost $500 per month. Commutes over 60 miles each way cost $700 per month. RapidVan costs are divided among the participants. The average cost per person to participate in a vanpool is approximately $100-$125 per month, based on commuting patterns, mileage, and occupancy. Each vanpool member must also pay a security deposit. Each member is obligated for three months, after which he or she may choose to drop out of the program.

All drivers must pass a drug/alcohol screen, criminal and driving background check, health exam, and provide a current State of Michigan driving license along with proof of personal insurance. All participants are welcome to apply for driver status, and some may choose to remain only a rider.

We have several programs for qualified applicants. Why not see what we can do for you and your group? Call The Rapid at (616) 774-1188 or email

Also...we have a great program for employers who want to subsidize their workers' vanpools.