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How Does Bike Pooling Work?

Love to ride your bike but don’t want to ride alone? Use our Rideshare database to find a bike pool—a group of bicyclists who ride the same route to work every day. Bike Pooling can be safer than riding alone, and it provides a fun social experience for bike riders. 

If you want to find a Bike Pool, use our rideshare database and just select “Biking” in the drop down menu on your commute menu. Adjust your settings to find a group near you. Then contact the group and start bike pooling!

Find A Bike Pool

How To Find A Carpool

  • Step 1: Create a Profile - Create a free account and set up your commuter profile under carpool signup.
  • Step 2: Find Ride Matches - Find a carpool or other rideshare by entering details of your work commute, including home/work address, arrival time, and rideshare preferences. Use the advanced options to expand your search criteria to increase the potential for finding matches.
  • Step 3: Contact Your Matches: Message potential carpooling matches through our secure system. You control what information is made available.
  • Step 4: Begin Ridesharing: Determine a mutual meeting spot and time. Save money, help the environment, and have fun!

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