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How Does It Work

1. Create a profile

The first step in searching for a potential rideshare match is to create a profile. Using your locations and preferences allows West Michigan Rideshare to offer possible matches. When editing your profile, you'll be able to choose from three modes of commuting: Driving, Biking, or Walking.

2. Search Potential Rideshare Matches

Once you have created your profile, you can begin to view potential ridesharing matches. The search will compare the profile data you supplied with information provided by others.

You will receive a list of potential matches on a map to visually identify how well they may match your trip needs. Using custom mapping, we are able to help you visualize where possible matches live and work in relation to your locations. If we cannot map your address, you be asked to pick the closest address from a list or an interactive map.

3. Contact Potential Rideshare Matches

Once you have identified a potential rideshare match, you can choose to contact that person by sending them an email via the Rideshare site. This system ensures that your vital information remains secure.

Rideshare services are administered using Greenride® software. This award-winning web-based software allows individuals to instantly find riding partners based on their living, working and personal criteria.