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Lead By Example with A Custom Employee Rideshare Program For Your Business

When it comes to the topic of sustainability, many organizations are looking for ways to lead by example. Whether dealing with the cost of parking or looking for an affordable employee benefit, employers are beginning to seek out more cost-effective and environmentally responsible ways for their employees to commute to and from work. The Rapid can help design an employee carpool program to meet your needs.

An organization-specific rideshare program can be developed for your organization to offer a smart, simple, and sustainable approach for employees to get to and from work. Our web-based software solution is customizable to meet the format requirements of your company. Individual employees can instantly find rideshare partners based on your pre-set company criteria.

Your employees could save up to half of their travel expenses to and from work. That's worth getting excited about, even in the morning. Find out how easy it is for your company to offer your own rideshare program.

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Help Your Employees Start The Day Right

Let’s face it, nobody likes a long commute—and you shouldn’t either. If your employees are commuting more than 45 minutes, chances are they are arriving at work anxious, frustrated, and even resentful. More than just an immediate effect, this can have a big impact on job satisfaction and mental health in the long run. 

Your employees might be looking for a job closer to home, even willing to take a pay cut to avoid a long commute. With gas prices higher than ever, who can blame them?

An Employee Rideshare Program shows your employees that you care about their well-being. 

It’s an employee benefit that’s easy to implement, and it can improve your bottom line. 

Call The Rapid Business Transportation Services at (616) 774-1188 or email "> to get started today!

Benefits of Workplace Carpooling 

  • Reduces Employee Stress
  • Increases Productivity and Job Satisfaction
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Less Parking and Overcrowding
  • More Time for Riders to Prepare for Their Day
  • Helps Employee Recruitment and Retention
  • Builds Team Cohesion

Benefits of Ridesharing